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Stickers Inkjet Printable Clear Sticker Paper
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Product Description

Clear Sticker Paper for Inkjet Printing

Translucent Printable Clear Sticker Paper For Inkjet Printers

Printable Clear Translucent Photo Sticker Paper. Print your own stickers, design personalized decals. This semi gloss blank sticker paper can be used to create unique indoor translucent labels.

Clear sticker paper for inkjet printing is a special coated film with a permanent adhesive backing that adheres to clean surfaces.

Clear Sticker Paper can be used to create unique indoor translucent labels.

Translucent printable clear stickers can be used to create your own unique indoor stickers, labels, clear monogram stickers, signage, decals, clear product stickers, mock-ups, window decals, etc.

Printable blank clear stickers for Indoor Applications:

Clear Monogram Stickers
Clear Product Stickers
Window Decals
Point of Sale Displays
Filing Stickers
Window Graphics

Clear Sticker Paper
Semi-Gloss Finish

Printable Clear Stickers for Inkjet Printers

• Please follow the handling instructions as well as the Inkjet Printer manual.
• Let ink dry on your clear stickers for 10 minutes before stacking.
• Avoid moisture and fingerprints

Printable Clear Stickers
Clear Stickers for Inkjet

Clear translucent inkjet stickers storage

• Store in a cool and dry place.
• Store at a room temperature of 15 - 25°C and at a humidity of 30 - 60%.

Printable Clear Stickers / Translucent Inkjet stickers characteristics

• Front: Blank Clear Stickers
• Back side: Self adhesive with paper release liner
• Coating: inkjet
• For indoor use only
• High resolution
• No bleeding
• Permanent self adhesive
• Polyester with paper release liner
• Quick dry
• Sheet size 8 1/2 x 11
• Thickness 0.050 mm

Clear Translucent Inkjet Sticker Sheets Compatibility

For use with Inkjet Printers such as: HP, Canon, Epson, Apple, Digital, Kodak, Lexmark, Dell.

Package Size:

Clear Sticker Paper - Transparent Printable Clear Inkjet Stickers

10 Sheets, 8 1/2 x 11