Decals - Model Police Vehicle Decals by Tom Brusky

Decals - Police Vehicle Decals by Tom Brusky

Decals - Create your own model police car decals with waterslide inkjet decals


Die cast Police Car Decals -

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Hello Bill,

I just have to comment on your waterslide inkjet decal paper.

I create decals for diecast police cars.

I've tried your brand, and I've tried a brand from a competitor that sells their paper a little cheaper.

I ended up stripping several cars of the cheaper decals, and replacing them with new decals printed on your paper.

Your waterslide decals adhere very well, and are much easier to trim after they've set.

Enclosed is a photo of the first two custom 1/43 scale cars I've made showing the Greenfield and West Allis police departments from Wisconsin.

I'm going to be creating more customs in the near future, and will in fact be placing another order with you as soon as I finish this e-mail.

Keep up the great work!

Tom Brusky


What you'll need to create model police car inkjet water slide decals

• An Image in a digital format, scanned or from a camera

• An Inkjet Printer

• Graphics Software, special decal software not required

• Water Slide inkjet decal paper

• Decal Spray

• Scissors and • Water

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