Painters Inkjet Cotton Canvas

Canvas Painter's Inkjet Cotton Canvas
Canvas Painter's Inkjet Cotton Canvas
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Painter's Canvas is a special inkjet coated printable canvas cloth for printing fine art reproductions, portraits and photographs.

Print low or high resolution images on this unique inkjet cotton canvas paper blend. This is the same canvas paper used by artists for painting with oils and water color. The only difference is that we have specially coated this canvas paper so that it is receptive to the ink used in color inkjet printers.

Now you can use our inkjet canvas photo papers to reproduce works of the Masters (for your own use) paintings which you obtain on CD or download from the Internet with printable cotton canvas.
Printed graphics will look like a painted portrait. Use for a wedding anniversary, renewal vow, commitment ceremony, engagement or wedding.
Brush stroke for brush stroke you'll be amazed how at what you can do with your computer, improved printer technology, combined with Printable Cotton Canvas inkjet canvas photo papers.
Our customers also use Painter's Inkjet Cotton Canvas printable canvas media for water color painting and needle point.
Why not turn your photos into beautiful handmade paintings that look like they were done by professional portrait artists.

Inkjet Cotton Canvas is a special printable inkjet cotton cloth canvas for printing Fine Art. Painters Inkjet Cotton Canvas is a printable canvas media that can be stretched and framed.

Painter's Inkjet Cotton Canvas - Printable Canvas Cloth package sizes:
Sheets size: 8 1/2 x 11
Weight: 18 mils
5 Canvas Sheets per package

13 x 19 Cotton Canvas
Large Format Inkjet Canvas
Painters Inkjet Cotton Canvas
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