Printable Inkjet labels with adhesive

These printable labels range from clear translucent sheets, glossy white photo-quality labels to specialty scratch-off & reveal labels for custom games or lottery raffle projects. Our high quality label sheets can be completely personalized by you allowing complete customization.

Create your own labels in different sizes and shapes to suit your exact requirements. You can print a variety of images and objects onto these inkjet labels including text, writing, photos or graphics. Each label will be high-quality, smudge free and completely unique.

Our waterproof enhancement, Preserve Your Memories, can be used should you wish to waterproof your labels.

Labels Full Sheet Photo Quality White Labels
Create your own custom white labels with photo quality smudge proof full sheet labels with permanent adhesive back
Labels Full Sheet Photo Quality Clear Labels
Clear finish Clear photo quality labels are translucent clear and appear clear on most surfaces.The translucent look is created by the adhesive backing on the label sheet and the inkjet coating on the printable side of the label.
Labels Photo Quality Brown Kraft Inkjet & Laser
Create rustic & vintage looking stickers or labels with photo quality Brown Kraft smudge proof full sheet stickers with permanent adhesive backing. Great for handmade arts & crafts product labeling.
Labels Scratch Off Labels
Scratch Off Labels are great for fundraisers, just print your message then place your scratch off label over your message
CD Stomper Labels
CD Stomper Sheets CD, DVD Labels - Matte CD Refill Labels for use with CD Stomper Pro Labeling System
Gold or Silver Metallic Inkjet Sticker Foil Sticker Paper
Gold and silver metallic inkjet sticker papers have an adhesive backing allowing you to adhere your metallic print to any clean surface.
Grafix Clear Inkjet Film with Adhesive
Inkjet film is easy to use and coated with permanent adhesive. Just print, peel & stick! No mess!
Sticker Papers
Print your own photo quality stickers! Bumper Stickers,Vinyl Sticker Paper, White Glossy Sticker Paper, Clear Translucent Sticker Paper, Glow-in-the-Dark Phosphorus Labels, Vintage Brown Kraft, Metallic Gold & Silver Labels and more
Protective Picture Coating
Protective Spray Coating Protects Like A Laminate. Preserve Your Memories is an environmentally friendly answer for protecting digital photos, art crafts, inkjet prints, newspapers, scrapbooking, charcoals, shrink art, rub-on art and canvas prints. PYM is acid free, water repelling and UV blocking protective coating that is in compliance with California Prop 65, EPA requirements and meets ASTM standards for UV blocking and scratch resistance.