Metallic Papers

Silver & Gold papers are suitable for inkjet or laser printers.

The glossy surface give these sheets a luminescent sheen. Suitable for printing on both the metallic side and the white backing.

Gold or Silver Inkjet Photo Paper
Metallic inkjet photo papers deliver rich vibrant colors and provide a new avenue for artistic expression.
Stickers Silver or Gold Metallic Inkjet Foil Sticker Paper
Gold and silver metallic inkjet sticker foil papers have an adhesive backing allowing you to adhere your metallic prints to any clean and dry surface.
Metallic Mirror Film - Polyester Silver Reflective Inkjet Film
Silver Metallic Inkjet Film is perfect for stunning metallic looks or mirror effects.
Pearlescent Photo Gloss Stock
Photo gloss card stock has a gloss face, matte back and is water resistant and smudge proof.