Labels Scratch Off Labels

Labels Scratch Off Labels
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Scratch Off Labels

Scratch Off Labels

Create your own scratch off cards with scratch off labels.
Scratch Off Labels are great for fund raisers.

Scratch Off Label

Use Scratch Off Labels to:

Secure a document
Secure a coupon
Secure a gift certificate
Secure a raffle ticket
Make a game
Use on a greeting card
Hide a message
Hide a winning number
Hide a code word or number

Scratch Off Labels Package:

25 Labels
Label Size: 1 7/16 x 15/16 inches
Color: Silver Scratch Off

Scratch off labels are easy to use ... Easy to Apply by Hand

Just print your message then place your scratch off label over your message

Scrath Off Lables Apples


Gift Certificate Coupon  Security Paper
Protect coupons and gift certificates from unauthorized duplication and imaging with coupon and gift certificate security paper. Design Secure Gift Certificates and Coupons with your computer and print your gift certificates and coupons with your laser or inkjet printer.
Printable labels range from clear translucent, glossy white photo-quality to specialty scratch-off & reveal labels. Customize labels in different sizes and shapes to suit your exact requirements. You can print a variety of images onto these inkjet labels including text, photos or graphics. Each label will be high-quality, smudge free and unique.