Silver Metallic & Gold Metallic have bright surfaces for creating memorable, elegant designs.

Gold or Silver Inkjet Photo Paper
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Product Description

Printable Gold Metallic or Silver Metallic Inkjet Photo Paper

Printable Metallic inkjet paper creates a special effect that catches a lot of attention and represents a new dimension in inkjet printing. This metallic photo paper has a brushed look that works well with high saturated color schemes.

Gold Silver Metallic Inkjet Paper

Gold metallic photo paper and silver metallic photo papers have a glossy finish and metallic appearance allowing to you create printed images and text with that will have visual interest and depth.

This printable metallic inkjet paper delivers rich, vibrant colors and provides a new avenue for artistic expression. This special inkjet media can be used for formal invitations, holiday greeting cards, playing cards, fashion design, interior design and stunning portraits. Our photography paper has an optional backing for securing your designs. Gold metallic papers and silver metallic papers produce a dramatic and eye-catching result every time you use them.

Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver for inkjet printers.

Printable Metallic inkjet photo papers have a bright surface creating memorable elegant designs.

Metallic papers are available in gold & silver for inkjet printers in size 8 1/2 x 11.

Metallic Inkjet Paper Crafter's Tip ...

Print yellow on silver and you will make gold.
Print orange on silver and you will make bronze.
Designer Gold & Silver are fantastic for printing creative designs.

Metallic Paper


Stickers Silver or Gold Metallic Inkjet Foil Sticker Paper
Gold and silver metallic inkjet sticker foil papers have an adhesive backing allowing you to adhere your metallic prints to any clean and dry surface.