Bumper Stickers - Vinyl Sticker Paper

Bumper Stickers Blank White Vinyl Paper
Bumper Stickers Blank White Vinyl Paper
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Blank Bumper Sticker Paper

8.5 x 11 Adhesive Backed Vinyl Sheet - no score lines
Make Your Own Stickers Create and Print Your Own Bumper Sticker Paper Water Resistant Vinyl Stickers for Inkjet & Laser Printers


Blank Bumper Sticker Paper
Bumper Sticker Paper
2 Vertical Back Slits
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Bumper Stickers
Bumper Sticker Pin

Personalize and print your own custom bumper stickers, printable white vinyl stickers, promotional decals, production labels, political campaign bumper stickers or scrapbook stickers with this specially coated water resistant white printable vinyl inkjet and laser bumper sticker paper.

With a scanner, video camera or digital camera you can create or select any image, graphics, logo from magazines, books or internet and enlarge or reduce, enhance and print out onto your blank sticker sheet.

This printable water resistant vinyl sticker paper is specially coated vinyl sheet that will allow you to print your high-resolution photographs and graphics and has an easy to remove special formulated adhesive on the backside.

Printable water resistant Bumper Sticker Paper can be used for scrapbooks, promotional stickers, election campaigns and even professional labeling. These white adhesive vinyl sheets are a great way to promote your business. Use our printable white vinyl stickers and your own logo to create custom promotional bumper stickers in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and designs. Get your message across & support your favorite cause, sports team, candidate, organization or school.

Brag about your child making the honor roll... announce that you were “Just Married" or celebrate your newborn with “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl”.

Give the driver behind you a good laugh with a funny bumper sticker quote. Think of something silly, cheesy or witty. Show off your humorous side and design your own line and pic. Show your support for the 2016 political candidates. Print one for yourself and place it on the bumper of your car or print out a hundred for a campaign fund gathering for hand outs. Whether your favorite is a Presidential Candidate, Mayor or Governor, you can print in full color or have a white background with a red white and blue image. Even if you wanted to comically insult the person that is running against your favorite, you can do that too by customizing any sassy saying or quote.

Be whimsical with a faerie or butterfly theme or hilarious, playful or campy with a ludicrous fact. Have fun and enjoy yourself while being creative.

Blank Bumper Sticker Paper is water resistant.

It is normal for a small amount of ink residue to remain on the surface of the printable vinyl sticker sheet when using an inkjet printer.
This ink residue may have a tendency to run slightly.

We recommend waterproofing your sticker after your print out has dried with Preserve Your Memories.

Applying Preserve Your Memories will water proof your stickers. (We use this white vinyl sticker paper to label our aerosol waterproofing inkjet coatings)

Make your own Stickers with our Water Resistant Vinyl Stickers for Inkjet & Laser Printers

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Printable Bumper Stickers

Your printable vinyl bumper sticker paper worked great. I have been searching for something to use to put like a decal on travel mugs for give aways at our Annual Amvets Fifth District Picnic. I have put a picture in my e-mail to show you what I mean. Again thank you for all your help! It looks great and will last for a long while on the mugs. I am very pleased with my order.

Yes of course you may use my image. I am flattered. I am also in the process of printing on my blank bumper sticker paper too ~ I am having a lot of fun now that I found your site. I love doing projects for others. I am a volunteer for the Amvets and if they want something done, they call on me-ha!

This year I have come up with a lot of new ideas that they never thought about and they love it. They never had give aways as promotions before just the prizes they sell tickets for so they love the idea of giving away the mugs, bumper stickers and I am also making a few transfer t-shirts.

Priscilla H.
Bumper Stickers Blank Paper

Print 3 bumper stickers per sheet with your desktop inkjet or laser printer. Then cut sheet into thirds using a household scissors.

You can use any graphics software to produce your printable bumper stickers stickers, some of our customers use word processing software.

10 vinyl sticker sheets per package, 8 1/2" x 11", Color: White.