White Fabric Transfers 8 1/2 x 11

Iron-On Transfer Sheets White Fabrics 8 1/2 x 11
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Blank iron on transfer paper

Light transfer paper is designed for light and white fabrics and has special coated iron on transfer material designed with a unique easy release coating cold peel transfer technology.

Light Transfers
Light Fabric Transfers

You can transfer art and craft reproductions, digital photo images, portraits, photographs, graphic designs with blank iron on transfer paper. The latest trend is to transfer monogram initials for weddings, engagements, anniversaries or commitment ceremonies onto cloth table napkins to use as a place setting for the guests. Napkin Place Cards are created with your own linen napkins, an inkjet printer, iron and our iron on transfer papers.

With a scanner, video camera or digital camera you can create or select any image, graphics, logo from magazines, books, the Internet and enlarge or reduce, enhance and print out onto iron on transfer paper and transfer to your white or light fabrics.

Apply your images to any cotton, 50 / 50 cotton / poly fabric, fabric must have at least 50% cotton

Six Easy to follow Steps: using iron on cold peel transfers:

1. Design your transfer using any graphics software program
2. Print (Mirror Image) Design on blank transfer
3. Cut to transfer to size
4. Apply your transfer with a hand held iron
5. Let your transfer Cool
6. Remove the transfer backer
That is it, your transfer is done.

For detailed instructions: Iron-on Transfer - Instructions for Light Transfers

Blank iron on transfers can be hot or cold peeled for easy application using a hand iron or an industrial heat press and can be transferred to a variety of materials.

Transfer images and text will create a waterproof iron on transfer after the process is completed.

Blank iron transfers offer quick dry time and the best wash ability of any ink jet transfer paper available today.

Light Transfer Paper is recommended for color inkjet printers including the following: Hewlett Packard®, Canon®, Epson®, Apple®, and Lexmark®

Iron on Transfers designed for light and white fabrics have a special inkjet coated surface designed with a unique easy release transfer technology. Blank Transfers for custom design wearables.

Light Transfers Package Includes:
10 Sheets, iron on transfer paper
8 1/2" x 11" - 65 Lb.
One Set Of Instructions

Designed for use with inkjet printers. Some inkjet printers use heating elements to dry the printed sheet. Blank iron on transfer papers are not designed to be used with laser printer heating elements, some examples HP DeskJet 1200C, HP DeskJet 1600C. The heating elements in these laser printers can melt the transfer paper which could damage the printer. Consult your printer manual to determine if your printer uses heating elements.